Saturday 2 June 2012

Post Cleanse - 10 Days

I have been finished the cleanse for 10 days now and I remember when I first started doing these I was always looking for information and reading up on other people's experiences after they had finished the 10 days. What happens to their bodies post the 10 day clean up, there seemed to be little written about it.

So, I thought that I will keep you up to date on how I am doing afterwards. For the most part I still feel pretty good, I love my food and I am eating plenty. I do get full faster and I am craving more greens and raw salad type of things. I also have only gained about 2 lbs back so far. And I feel better in myself because I am lighter and leaner. Less body fat to contend with.

The fact that there is less body fat is the important point and the key to all of this work and effort. The fat stores toxins and this is what is melted off when you do a Master Cleanse. In effect then, each time that a cleanse is completed for the full 10 days, your body is cleaner and therefore leaner. 

When there are toxins (to a great degree) the body fat will be gained back - thus the yo-yo effect of dieting. Do not start a diet unless you plan on detoxing along with it. Otherwise, it just won't work. And work is another key word here - my body just seems to work better after each cleanse. 

Right now it feels as if this is having a cumulative effect - each cleanse I feel better and my body remains leaner, working more efficiently afterwards. Kind of like climbing steps, with each one bringing you closer to your goals. 

My shoulder is still excellent and my level of flexibility is far better than it was, my bowel is great, my digestion is moving well. So physically things have stepped up a little and I am amazed that something so simple can accomplish so much in only a few days! The important thing here though is to eat better afterwards and to keep doing them throughout the year.

My dreams are back full force from a very different place (showing me that I have reached into new areas inside of myself) and I am dreaming a few times each night again. I also find it easier to visualize so my mind and my imagination is also working better. 

All in all - not bad for a few days effort! Well, off to pull some weeds in the garden - have a lovely day everyone and don't forget to buy some organic veg and fruit at your farmers market. 


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