Thursday 21 June 2012

Be Yourself

What on earth could possibly come out of consistently not being ourselves - living a life not feeling normal or even knowing who we really are? Might this cause confusion, fear and lack in our lives? And who are we anyway, would anyone out there really know for certain who they are, what they are doing here and what is more important be actually living that life fully?

Besides Madonna? 

For the rest of us, we struggle with identity - somewhere along the lines of humanity we have all become mixed and mingled with beliefs about our bodies, minds and spirits that simply do not apply to us. One of these is the 'I can eat what I want and celebrate life each and every day, so there' way of looking at life.

Just yesterday I was speaking with someone who was relating to me how her friend was pushing her into eating more or less like everyone else. With the basic argument of why be different, you are restricting yourself, there is no joy in that food - here, have some rubbish and feel like I do. 

It turns out that this person was on the one hand telling her that he could eat rubbish each day and still be strong and healthy. Yet as we talked about how this pressure was affecting her, she conceded that he was so fearful of getting cancer and dying from heart disease like his father that he was driving himself into it. 

So much for being free to eat as you wish. If you eat the foods that are pushed onto you by the Big Supermarket chains, you are not eating as you wish - you are eating what they tell you to eat, fulfilling their mandates, consuming foods put there that will keep you addicted, enslaved and conforming to whatever the agenda might be. 

So, what has this got to do with being who we are and finding our identity? Everything! When you eat as you were meant to - for health, healing, growth, repair and enjoyment - your body finds its true expression because all physical, mental, emotional systems normalize. Keep eating this way and you will eventually find yourself buried under all of that mess and emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of detox. 

Why not start today? 


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