Sunday 10 June 2012

The Fourth Day

This is day number 4 and things are really moving for us all - this cleanse is definitely all about a job that I had for several years way back when and the many things that I took on board but also the way that it deeply affected me. I can clearly see now how much it changed my perspective of life, the way that I looked at things altered - I no longer felt valued, useful, interesting or even valid as a person.

After that job was done with me, I felt like nothing. And I cannot compare it to anything else that I have ever done in my life or even experienced before or since. What job was it you might ask? I worked for the government for nearly 6 years as a Food Hygiene Inspector. The job itself was very interesting and I enjoyed many parts of it - the politics, the lack of communication and the people are what did me in.

And I was quite pleased to leave it behind when I moved to Europe. So, why is this all coming up now during a Master Cleanse and what could it all mean for the bigger picture? The only thing that comes to my mind is that some part of me has been stuck back there and I needed to re-claim those pieces of myself.

The MC is designed to remove debris that has been lying around inside of our bodies for a long time and get it safely into a place to be eliminated. And that is exactly what is happening each time that I do this. I know that I am going more deeply into myself because I have been working backwards in time with each cleanse - stripping away further layers and levels that had been built up.

I was a little bit non-commited going into this cleanse - only because I was so uncertain of the plan my body had in store for me. Now that I know for sure the part of my past that is being purged, I feel much stronger and quite re-assured that my body always knows exactly what it is doing.

Of course the confusion was coming from the part that was about to be purged - because that is exactly the way that they operated, keep everyone in the dark, create a layer of confusion, do not talk about what is happening and do your job. As if you are completely blind, stupid and kept in a constant state of fear. This environment served to only push me out of my body to such an extent that it requires a series of cleanses, detoxes and fasts to get back into those spaces. And I am delighted to be getting back into these places in my body once again.

Such a splendid place to live - in one's body! 

Well, let's see what the rest of the day brings, its only getting better. 


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