Tuesday 19 June 2012

Back on Track

I think I am back on track here - sort of, in that I am feeling pretty good - my energy levels are better than they have been in a while and I find that I have loads of energy for exercise, my projects and everything else. In fact I see so much that I would like to do, I don't know how I am going to get to it all!

Its nice to finally feel this good in mind and body, the interesting thing is that I felt good before and have for years after I changed my diet and lifestyle, however this fasting takes things to an entire new level. 

The things that have been on my mind since I finished my Master Cleanse have been all about work or the kind of work (care) that we need to do for ourselves but sadly many of us never get around to it. Instead we spend our entire lives caring for others (children are not included here) - outside of our families.

And perhaps I could clarify a little more - not only are we caring for others but we are taking care of their issues, their worries, their stresses when we 'work' for someone other than ourselves. Often this work, leaves you with little time, energy or imagination to sort out your own stuff. 

One of the reasons this has come up for me now is mostly because I am talking to people who are so stressed out - and it is not with their own stress, but with the things that they take on from others. Stress appears to be the number one chronic 'disease' state that of course leads to any number of other conditions of ill health in the body.

These few days just following a MC or any detox for that matter are really nice in that your mind is very clear, your thinking is sharp and you are still moving from that empty space within to other parts of your life. So, lots of deeper issues can come up (and should) for you to process through. 

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice and new moon - which is traditionally a very big day as it is the longest day of the year and considered Mid Summer in many places around the world. This year, I am reflecting on the work that I am doing for myself, sources of stress that are not mine and an inner balance that must be achieved. 

Nothing major!! LOL

Well, off to get my day sorted out here, hope its sunny where you are,


Lady's Mantle in my garden - I love how the early morning dew collects on this plant

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