Wednesday 13 June 2012

And On the 7th Day...

Here we are, once again now on day 7 and deep into another detox cycle - each of us is keenly aware of it this time around as well. We are far more in sync as a family or a unit that is detoxing - quite remarkable actually.

Not much in the way of physical symptoms - I am feeling pretty good, really clear in myself and lighter in my stomach area. This Master Cleanse has gone deeper than any other before - with a lot of old dark, heavy 'things' coming up to the surface. I am relieved that perhaps some of this is moving out now and that progress is being made.

I am also having a lot of dreams and visions - I usually have visions or other worldly insight but when I get busy and preoccupied with the stuff around me, these often fade into the background. It is nice to have them back and to feel more in touch with other dimensions within myself. 

Yesterday was definitely a day for the other realms - there were fairies, animal beings, plants and trees with human form and all sorts of interesting creatures coming into view for me - each with their own wisdom or information to share.

I feel as if I am finally cleaned out enough to be worthy of that special link and communication with them again. And that is indeed what this Master Cleanse is comparable to - a gentle bath on the inside of my body to remove built up debris which ultimately hold me back in some way. 

It always feels good to get to this point in the cleanse because now I feel as if I have a chance to reflect back on these last 6 days and then decide if there are any other issues I would like to focus on - although most of the time my body appears to have its own agenda! LOL

I am also aware that I am not feeling as productive from a getting things done perspective this time around - I am resting more and reflecting a lot on what I am feeling. Each MC is so different so you just have to go with it and let it play out naturally. 

Well, off to get some things done, have a good one!


My son next to our Top Bar beehive at Skibbereen Market

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