Sunday 24 June 2012

Happy Mid Summer!

Today is a beautiful day for more Mid Summer festivities we have all been out in the garden since early this morning trying to get sorted out after such a rainy week. I love how the ground dries out nicely though. 

We just finished our Mid Summer dinner and I normally wouldn't do this - but as so many have been asking me - what do you eat during a Pagan feast - here is what we had today;

Dinner - marinated butterflied leg of lamb (marinade for 24 hours) then slow roasted at a low temp since early this morning. Carrot/turnip mashed with butter and ground pepper. Mix root veg of sweet potato, pumpkin, onion, leek steamed with fresh herbs (dill, thyme). Coleslaw of grated purple cabbage, carrot, chopped apple and pear. Fresh salad with things from the garden - rocket, cress, lettuce leaves, parsley, spring onion, dill, chives etc with a balsamic vinegar dressing. Gravy made from lamb drippings and wholegrain mustard with onion over fresh thyme bread.

It was lovely and we all had seconds, especially after our fasting it is so nice to enjoy our feast days. Now if only the weather would hold like this so that the garden could get a head start we would be all set!

Have a great day,


One of my dogs sitting in the sun with her hat, she is tied on because she loves to go over to visit  the neighbors!

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