Thursday 28 June 2012

Liquid Gold...

Perhaps it doesn't seem like it this morning for some people in Ireland, however the water that falls from the sky is our lifeline and link to all that keeps us alive and functioning. Without water we would not live for very long yet how some people manage not to drink much at all is perhaps one of the main reasons they become ill. 

I love water and have been keenly interested in it for quite some time, my Masters thesis a few years ago was on water and the bottled water industry - looking in-depth at what we are being sold and told about water compared to the truth. 

And when it rains there is something comforting about it - especially when the rain is accompanied by thunder and lightening like last night. I wanted to get out and take some pictures of it - but it was raining so hard that it was impossible. It would have made some nice photos though, so hopefully there will be another thunder storm soon with less rain. (Thor, think you can help us out here?)

The rain reminds me of a cleanse and it really is just that, the earth washes herself when required from the inside and out, of course using only fresh clean water is the key here. We can only watch and learn and listen.

For the most part that is what has been lost to us as humans living these days on our planet - we no longer take the time to listen, to really hear what is being said around us, to us and through us. Perhaps what is equally worse is that once we stop listening, after a while we can no longer hear that inner voice as it becomes lost in the noise of all else. 

One way to listen to your inner voice is to pay close attention to your body, mind and soul. Spend some time working on yourself, walk outside in nature, work in the garden - climb a hill or swim in the sea.  One voice that is easy to hear would be in our dreams.
Last night was a night of long interweaving dreams that seemed to move in and out of deeper stories. I hardly wanted to wake up this morning and come back from wherever that I had been! But here I am....back safe and sound.

Find ways to listen today, take some time and be with yourself, this doesn't mean you need to sit and be still or even meditate. Movement brings you closer to yourself.

Have a lovely day,


Life is a Path

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