Friday 29 June 2012

2nd Day

Yesterday was  a normal fasting day, however because I felt that I was working through something deeper at a spiritual level I decided to extend my fasting to 3 days this week and see if I could get this energy moving a bit better.

I was quite productive yesterday - however still feeling very tired by late last night and I realize it all has to do with old patterns of thinking around being out in the world or being even a part of this world. The ways that I used to function and see others doing now in an effort to get themselves ahead in some way, are not of interest to me.

I just know that there is always a better way to move forward and I am finding it. 

Of course my thinking about food is very similar - in my new book The Pagan Diet(c) -- I talk about my food, fast and feast lifestyle but I also relate what the word pagan means to me and how it affects my life. One of the things that is important is how the food we eat is prepared - I do not want it to be processed in any way or touched by machines or anyone else for that matter.

Food contains energy - living food and living water - that is what we must seek out, not the dead stuff that comes in plastic packages or the heavy water pouring out of the taps. Once food has been processed in any manner - it is as if the life has been sucked out of it leaving it without an energetic food print.

I know that not a lot of people are even thinking about this because they continue to buy it, eat it and support the entire industry that dreams up more and more of this stuff. If you were to take just one day and refuse anything processed, find some well water and drink/cook with it, eat organic, exercise and see how you might feel the very next day. Even better - look at how you feel 48 hours later (it takes that long for absorption to occur).

I think if just might change your thinking and your thoughts can change your life...

Just Saying,


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