Friday 22 June 2012

Food, Fast & Feast

Well after 2 days of eating and enjoying lots of great foods, I am back fasting today to give my body time to digest and settle. I am feeling pretty good and sleeping well - I always find that when I do a Master Cleanse,  I am sleeping deeply afterwards for a few days.

For the past 2 days we have enjoyed cakes, home made crackers with goat's cheese, mung bean burgers, root vegetable stews, mixed rice stir-fries and many other treats. And I am stuffed full and need a break from all that eating and cooking. Such is the purpose of a feast and celebration. 

Today I am good and ready to fast again and welcome the quietness of the morning, looking forward to just taking in water and herbal teas while allowing my system to process. The days I spend fasting have been a blessing to me, the space I require to digest and understand life, food, and my part in it all.

I also woke up to a nice sunny morning (it's gone now) felt so nice as to immediately uplift the senses-  My dreams took me far away last night - I slept deeply and travelled far, dreaming of a woman with a family who was living in France - the dream was centered around her little girl who was studying music and dance. However it was taking place in the distant past- The sunny morning brought me back from there...

During my fasting days I get so much done mainly because I am not as busy cooking and digesting food, however, I think that it is a very freeing experience. Giving yourself permission to only eat what you require, enough to feed, heal and replenish the body - when the extra food is removed, less energy is required to go to function. Finally something that makes sense! 

Off to enjoy my day - fingers crossed for more sun on the garden!


Marigold in the garden - wishing for sun

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