Tuesday 5 June 2012

Experiencing Other Worlds

No matter what your beliefs, most of us would be aware that there is such a strong pull in us as human beings, a drawing in to other worlds, realms and dimensions. These I would call the spaces in-between - which exist inside of us as well as outside of us.

There is no better place to experience these other worlds than in the garden - with the fairies, gnomes and tree spirits. They are everywhere and I have been seeing them and listening to them for as long as I am here on this earth. I have so many pleasant  memories of these beings throughout my life and the mystery has only deepened the more work that I do on myself.

Yesterday I was working in my little herb garden quite aware of the presence of a gnome (one that has been with me a long time and I have dreamed about as well) when a butterfly landed on the bush next to me and kept staring at me. It eventually moved closer to me and ended up on my hand again looking at me for the longest time. The kids were enthralled as was I, it was a beautiful sight.

It brought back many memories for me from times past when I have been woken by fairies and heard the voices of ancient trees talking amongst themselves as well as communication from the spirit of water. I have long felt, seen and heard their closeness as these realms are not so far away and perhaps this is where I belong.

What is important for us to realize about all of this - is that we are not alone, we share this earth and our experiences with others - many of whom are kind, highly evolved beings who have lived here from before time began. They belong here and have always been a part of all things. 

I had a dream once, not very long ago during which I was informed that there are many impostors, those who would have us believe that they are something they are not. Such is life! However, there are 'real' fairies and 'real' beings from these other worlds in the same way that there are false ones. Or, beings who cannot be trusted. 

It seems as if we have a criminal element in every space that we can imagine. So, when you go out fairy hunting today - (its a soft day that you need for that) - keep in mind that it is up to you to discern what is real and what is false. Use your senses wisely to feel things, look through what is in front of you and to question all things. 

Our bodies know the truth when we hear it, but equally we know it when we feel or sense it as well. It is kind, gentle and it feels as if it belongs here. Perhaps this is a good day to begin using these skills which can then be applied to all of life - for example, you know when you poison your body with the wrong foods and drink, no needs to tell you because you do not feel right. Therefore you are 'feeling' or sensing the truth, then you can take it from there and apply this to many other things.

Have an insightful day!


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