Friday 15 June 2012

48 Hours to Go - Day 9

We are now officially in count down mode with less than 48 hours to go before we break our fast and start on the juices that will get our digestive tract moving again and prepared for food. This has been a far tougher cleanse than some of the others - comparable in many ways to my 40 day fast last year- perhaps because of the depths that my body has taken me this time around.

I have mentioned a little about it - of seeing fairies and into other worlds and realms - that is not unusual for me, being a Medical Intuitive, I am often drawn into those dimensions and can navigate my way around quite well. However, this time - it was to the darker energies of those worlds and for that reason this has been an intriguing few days to say the least.

So, what does that mean - I can't just throw that out there - darker energies and leave you dangling can I? Well, I have long understood that each and every realm, world and dimension has a dark side (why wouldn't it?) everything is not all love and light. Sorry to burst some bubbles out there - but there is a criminal element in everything. Just look around at the recession and the mess the world is in - but that's another discussion!

These past few days have taken me on a journey deep through some dark space where this criminal element resides (we can also look at it as old viruses that do not belong, candida, fungus, inflammation in the body - there is always a parallel) and things have been cleaned out of some of those areas. Very simple process really and some deep work on my body's part.

I feel pretty good, I did a lot of Yoga yesterday, stretching, some free weights, and re-bounder - just to keep my energy moving and because I felt like I had lots of energy to burn off. I have a very clear mind at this point and even in the rain it feels as if I can see for miles...

What I am now looking forward to is seeing how my body feels next week after I finish this 10 days - just to experience if some of the old inflammation (my knees, old scar tissue from a C-section and MRSA that I had a few years ago) has reduced even further and my body maintains this feeling of wellness. 

I will keep you posted,


You can't see it very well here - but there is one of our honey bees on the oregano in the garden!

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