Monday 4 June 2012

Spend Your Time Wisely

I have been getting some work done in my herb garden these past few rainy days- in between showers and misty wetness, the weeds have been growing full force as if they have little else to do. Just grow and keep going.

It's funny how life is - these things that we equate with a nuisance and only want to get rid of, are so persistent in their presence and their roots go quite deep. The problem is that if we do not remove them from the garden they will take over and push out the herbs and plants that we want to grow there.

Does any of this sound familiar to you in any way? What are you cultivating in your life that is unwanted or choking out the life you want to be living? What sort of weeds have been putting their roots down more deeply into your life and refuse to leave?

For me what always comes to mind is negativity, worry, fear and all these other distractions that keep me rooted into the one spot and not moving in the direction that I want to be going. There are also other things as well like doing projects that I don't really want to be doing, again all of which serve to take my attention and focus away from either myself or my family.

When something distracts us it can keep us from reaching our goals. That is one aspect of the nature of negativity. Another way to look at things is that these sidelines also use up our valuable energy and pull us down.

Today, even for a little while I am choosing to spend my energy more wisely and will be doing things for myself and my family that benefit us far more than anyone else. Perhaps it might be as simple as a walk or painting with the children. But I do think it will be more along the lines of enjoying my garden! 

Have a lovely day,


(Countdown now to my next Master Cleanse -- in a few days, I will begin my next 10 days. I will be posting it all here, so keep checking in)

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